The application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies is becoming more practical, driven by the explosion of big data, the digitization of information, increased computational power, and the availability of inexpensive cloud storage. Many organizations plan to leverage AI to augment or replace human decision making, automate processes, or enable new business models, but struggle with the “build verse buy” debate. There are a number of vendors, from enterprises to start-ups, that offer everything from broad, customizable AI platforms to very niche, plug-and-play solutions. GIBC Digital combines research and knowledge of the latest technologies with a strategic, value-oriented approach to help you assess and deploy the appropriate AI technologies for your strategy:

  • Robotic Process & Intelligent Automation

  • Virtual Agents & Assistants

  • Chatbots

  • Robo-advisors

  • Decision Management Platforms

  • Fraud Detection & Prevention

  • Machine Learning Platforms

  • Deep Learning Platforms

  • Biometrics and Authentication

  • Natural Language Processing

  • Speech Recognition

We understand that meaningful data is what fuels the “intelligence” in AI, while realizing the full promise of any AI technology requires a business and consumer value first vision. Our holistic view, as well as iterative approach to AI product deployment, will help your organization truly transform how you do what you do by incorporating an AI strategy.