Collecting the right data, but limiting access to a small team of experts hinders the evolution of a data-enabled culture. Transformation is achieved when organizations effectively disseminate key metrics and intelligence cross-functionally to staff who can best leverage those insights in near-real time to drive better outcomes. This can be achieved through the democratization of data by:

  • Deploying self–service business intelligence tools

  • Configuring interactive, easy-to-use visualization dashboards

  • Surfacing key insights and metrics into user interfaces

  • Developing proprietary analytics solutions

  • Providing organizational, data-enablement training

GIBC Digital’s Data Intelligence team has certified experts who can configure and deploy the latest data visualization and BI tools, as well as help you develop your own custom solutions. We take an agile approach to delivering value-add solutions quickly, and more importantly, we incorporate human-centered design to make analytics user-friendly, intuitive, and democratic. We strive to make data consumable and actionable.