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An enterprise data strategy is foundational to enabling data, analytics and AI capabilities at scale for any organization, and requires the full buy-in from the C-level, all the way through to data stewards and data creators. It creates the governance, organizational structure, and frameworks to maintain data quality, integrity, security and usability, and makes business and technology equal partners at the table for prioritizing the project portfolio of data-enabled initiatives. A robust data strategy builds a data-centric mindset amongst employees and ensures high levels of user adoption of the various tools and metrics. Whether the goals of your data strategy are to increase profitability or mitigate risk, GIBC Digital’s Data Strategy consultants are senior leaders who can provide expertise in the business, functional and technical requirements that will align people, processes, and platforms to your business objectives, ensuring your digital evolution is self-sustaining. 


  • Establish a self-sustaining Data Governance Framework

  • Reinforce change management through adequate processes & controls

  • Foster data-centric mindsets and a digital/data-enabled culture

  • Implement a holistic Big Data & Cloud Platform Architecture

  • Provide regulatory guidance around data security, privacy, and access

  • Create Centers of Excellence to manage how data is acquired, valued, structured, shared, interpreted and used across departments

  • Align data models and AI initiatives to business strategy

  • Structure new organizational roles and teams

    • Stand up analytics teams

    • Stand up AI and Data Science teams

    • Stand up a Chief Data Office

    • Stand up a Data Protection Office