At GIBC Digital we have extensive experience of working across all sub-sectors of Financial Services, including Investment, Corporate, Commercial, Business and Retail Banking & Insurance. Our team of experts have worked with some of the largest global Financial Services organizations.

Below are some of our case studies relating to work we have undertaken in helping our clients to 'Evolve Faster'


Driving Change and Creating Customer Value for a Wealth Manager’s HR Department Through Integration, Process Design, and Culture

Customer engagement increased by 15%. Staff engagement increased by 20% and operating costs were reduced by 30%. Twenty senior managers were mentored and forty internal Lean champions were trained to deliver execution strategy and operational excellence. This empowered them to identify opportunities, deliver solutions and create a continuous-improvement environment of sustainable change.


A global wealth management bank’s HR department suffered from an inefficient operating model, fragmented infrastructure, and culturally siloed teams across multiple regions, which led to poor customer experience.

We sought to improve the customer view by creating a ‘one-HR’ culture, with global processes and standards that removed silos and integrated teams globally, by doing the following:

  • Coordinate and manage 36 projects across 10 locations globally using target operating model, Value Stream Optimization and Kaizen methodologies

  • Align transformational process-redesign work around end-to-end customer journeys to ensure quantifiable value creation goals were met

  • Build the capability of the HR teams to ensure self-sufficiency of process excellence (PEX) techniques and sustainability of the change

  • Train 1,000 staff on performance excellence and to use visual-management, data, and root-cause problem solving techniques to identify and eliminate waste and non-value add activity

Improving Lead Generation by Automating Integrated Customer Journeys for a Global Investment Manager

The new platform and processes, along with the availability of customer-level engagement activity data and metrics reporting improved the personalization and targeting of email and event campaigns and the effectiveness of lead management. The speed to market for leads for Sales decreased from weeks to 3 days and personalized content in communications drove to higher engagement with customers.

A new global campaign management platform was implemented, in addition to marketing and events operating model, using a phased multi-year approach, to provide integrated and customized customer journeys to drive lead generation and improve customer engagement.

The initiative spanned all regions and included multiple lines of businesses and countries within each region. The global operating and governance models for email marketing and event communication functions were re-defined to support the new business strategies.

  • Digital Marketing and Events Strategy: Instituted ongoing email optimization planning and testing with test-and-learn data, and developed and executed campaigns using customer-level metrics to facilitate analysis

  • Platform Automation: Implemented personalization functionality for omnichannel campaigns, using, data analytics and integrations between global digital communications platforms, CRMs, and websites

  • Organizational Model: Hiring, build-out, and training of teams in all regions to provide an increased level of content personalization and targeted communications

Working with a Global Retail Bank to Drive a Lean Culture and Ensure a Consistent ‘One Best Way’ of Working is Adopted

Improved culture, based on Lean practices led to increased staff capability and engagement. The concept of continuous improvement and enhanced process efficiency helped release 25% capacity to re-invest into strategic initiative, ultimately leading to increased and sustained customer service.


Identify key Customer journeys across the bank focused on helping to reduce complexity and remove unnecessary cost and waste.

  • Multiple 16 week transformations across contact, service, and back-office processes. Working with Heads of Business to understand their business strategy to drive a culture of continuous improvement to deliver a sustained improvement and ensure a consistent ‘one best way’ is adopted

  • Undertook complex diagnostic and built improvement designs for all aspects of the business, from Customer Centricity, Process Efficiency, to Organizational Design, Performance Management and Mindsets

  • Built internal Lean Academy to deliver training on Lean principles and leadership skills, accredited by a global external body

  • Coached front line teams, seniors and peers in utilizing and maintaining a successful Lean business environment


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