GIBC Digital announced the opening of an office in Montgomery County, where it plans to establish a cybersecurity workforce. Consistent with its global model, the company will hire and train local people to do local work. This means new jobs and opportunities in a booming sector of the economy, where supply of cyber experts cannot keep pace with demand for those with the required skills.

According to the company’s CEO, Greg Wood, “Montgomery County is the perfect place to establish our cybersecurity center. It has an educated and talented workforce and a local and state government who understand how important cyber security jobs are going to be to ensure organizations are safe from cyber threats.”

To celebrate the opening of this new, strategically-important office, GIBC Digital held a ribbon cutting ceremony on Wednesday, April 10, where they met community members, existing partners, collaborators, and local governmental officials. The company will share office space with Leadership Montgomery, an important strategic partner in the region.

Wood also said, “GIBC Digital is committed to creating opportunities for the people of Montgomery County and helping organizations in the region to improve their cybersecurity capabilities. This is the first step in what we think will be a long and mutually-beneficial journey.”


Most organizations do not have the expertise they need to stay competitive in today’s rapidly-changing, digital world. That’s where GIBC Digital can help. With competencies in data intelligence, cybersecurity, customer experience, process engineering & automation, and regulation & compliance, we optimize organizations for success by transforming how they do what they do. We deliver results that allow organizations to avoid headline risk by reducing cyber threats; reduce cost by reengineering and automating processes; to take advantage of opportunities by using data to make better decisions faster; increase customer lifetime value by creating a consistent user experience across customer touchpoint; and avoid the reputational damage that comes from failing to meet regulatory obligations or from corruption.