Penetration Testing (pen testing) is a security exercise where cybersecurity experts attempt to find and exploit vulnerabilities in a technology infrastructure and its systems. The purpose of this simulated attack is to identify those weak areas in a system’s defences that attackers could exploit.

Testing Benefits

Pen testing reveals how successful various attacks on an organization would be before vulnerabilities are discovered through an actual breach. This information allows organizations to prevent exploitations, instead of reacting to them after the damage is done.

Types of Penetration Testing

Black-box, gray-box, and white-box testing are the key types of testing we plan, design, and execute. Within these tests, there are specific activities that can be conducted to simulate a wide array of scenarios to identify internal- and external-facing threats.


We will deploy a team of security experts, who will be embedded within your organization, with customized business and systems rights/privileges, to perform systematic, comprehensive tests to deliver a full set of tactical and strategic recommendations and a prioritized remediation strategy.


Indicative Timeframe: 2-5 weeks


A black-box-penetration test is executed with unauthenticated access and minimal knowledge about the systems in scope, except the IP Address, domain name, or URL.  This test is commonly used as an external-penetration test against an organization's Internet-facing systems, such as the following: web servers, VPN concentrators, firewalls, routers, proxy servers, DNS servers, mail (SMTP servers), custom application servers, cloud services.


This type of penetration testing takes the least amount of time and does not require system privileges or access rights. It will provide the organization with insight into what an external threat actor would find if it is looking to exploit your system.

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