The Stakes Are High

Market leaders are quickly displaced by new entrants that use technology to transform customer expectations. GIBC Digital can help you build a digital culture, modernize core technology, optimize your operations and disrupt your industry with game-changing strategies to help you evolve rapidly.

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Customer Value Improvement Identify key areas for improvement with customer journeys and personas; create journey maps

User Experience & Interaction Design Optimize for frictionless and integrated digital experiences using Design Thinking concepts

Brand Experience Alignment & Refresh Refresh your brand and establish Brand and Design Centers of Excellence

Customer Experience Enablement Create a business model, brand experience, and platform for interacting with customers


Strategy & Advisory Establish strategy and governance frameworks for risk management and compliance, and develop processes for internal audit, risk management, compliance and business controls

Regulatory Change Program Management Interpret rules, assess impacts, conduct regulatory validation, gather business requirements, and design and implement solutions for projects, such as:

Regulatory & Compliance Training Evaluate and provide training in SEC, FINRA, and Dodd-Frank regulatory reform best practices




Enterprise Data Strategy Create a roadmap, architecture, and governance to access, secure, and leverage the full potential of your data

Data Science & Quantitative Analysis Build, train and optimize your models through our expert team of quants and data scientists

AI Product Deployment Assess, select, and deploy the right AI technologies using our strategic, value-oriented and Agile approach

Data-Driven Strategy Use descriptive and diagnostic analytics to optimize strategies

Data Visualization & Dashboarding Enable your organization through self-service, data visualization and robust business intelligence tools

Data 360 Create a holistic view by integrating all your data together

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Governance Advisory Develop industry insights, analyze legislative impact, interpret and implement risk-management frameworks, and design target-operating models, policies, and procedures

Threat & Risk Assessments Gather threat Intelligence, and document and assess fraud-risk and cyber-security postures for opportunities to enhance

Solution Evaluation & Selection Evaluate, select, and implement the best, emerging-security technologies to empower digital-transformation objectives

Root Cause & Lessons Learned Identify systemic issues and address with corrective-action governance

Training & Communication Strategy Develop training and awareness programs that integrate structured, social, and experiential learning holistically


Process Engineering & Automation

Rapid Process Improvement Identify quick wins and create transparency around process performance and cost drivers

Advanced Delivery Methodologies Enable clients to adopt more agile delivery methods, e.g. Lean and Agile, and high frequency change models

Process Automation Deliver operational improvements and excellence in combination with intelligent process automation

Target Operating Model Optimize or re-architect the organization, including processes, technology, product and service delivery and people