Vulnerability Identification & Testing (VIT) is one of GIBC Digital's sub-competencies within Cybersecurity, where we test, identify, categorize, and remediate exploitable vulnerabilities on any network before a compromise occurs.

VIT aligns people, processes, and technology within an organization to a comprehensive cybersecurity framework to reduce and eliminate cybersecurity risk.


Penetration Testing

A simulated, cyber attack against technical systems to check for and exploit vulnerabilities. We can perform the following types of penetration testing:

Black Box        Gray Box        White Box

Red Teaming

A simulated, cyber attack to determine how a client would fare in the face of a real attack. Unlike a penetration test, the company's defenders are actively trying to stop the exploit attempts of GIBC’s red team. This activity gives clients a playbook to improve their defenses, while simultaneously evaluating their people, processes and technology

Vulnerability Assessing

The systematic, comprehensive identification, quantification, and prioritization of exploitable vulnerabilities using GIBC Digital’s proprietary framework, which includes scanning applications, databases, workstations, wired and wireless assets, using manual and automated tools


Vulnerability Identification & Testing Benefits

  • Helps to identify programming errors that can lead to cyber attacks

  • Provides a methodical, proactive approach to risk management

  • Secures IT networks from internal and external attacks

  • Secures applications from business-logic flaws

  • Increases ROI on IT security

  • Protects organization from reputational and monetary losses

  • Meets compliance requirements within ISO, NIST, HIPAA, PCI DSS, and FISMA frameworks